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In covering Barbie's longtime, on-again, off-again lover Ken's new look somewhat butcher, better clothes, and, like most Hollywood celebrities, still youthful thanks to a head full of plastic CNN's slice-of-life reporter Jeanne Moos ran into Harrison Ford's tongue-happy Firewall co-star Virginia Madsen on a New York street (video available here). Throwing Barbie's beau in the somewhat stunned actress' face, Madsen calmly stated the following as national news cameras rolled:

"I know Ken. And Ken is a gay man."

We understand her agent was served with an 8-page letter from Ken's counsel, Scary Hollywood Lawyer Bert Fields, just hours after the segment aired, insisting the diminutive star once dressed up in an outrageous Halloween costume, and does not "go around in a mauve mesh shirt, matching vinyl biker vest, with a cock ring hanging around his neck, as your statements on CNN suggest."