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Defamer commenter "Ernst Stavro Blofeld" shared the following Tom Sizemore story in response to our earlier post about the actor's latest drug-related legal problems, which we now yank out into the light of Friday afternoon to make sure everyone gets a look:

This guy is fried. While struggling and desperate several years ago I was an extra on this shitty straight-to-video flick called No Rules and Sizemore was one of the two "big names" they brought in give the film some "weight" (literally and figuratively). He was only in one scene (a bare-knuckle brawls vs. a UFC monster who's name I can't recall), but in between every take he was screaming at all of us in the fake crowd:

"Hey [insert name of LA District Attorney here]: What'd you make today, asshole? I'm making close to a fuckin' mil. One day, dickhead. How can you convict me of hittin' that bitch with no evidence? Huh, asshole?!"

I kid you not, this went on in between every take, and continued well after the scene wrapped-Just a bloated and wasted Tom Sizemore ranting to a bunch of losers making $7/hour. I was shocked.

Oh, and the other "big name" in the picture?

Gary Busey.

It's a pretty revealing look into Sizemore's approach to craft, isn't it? Although we have to say that we're not that surprised that the actor would feel the need to tap into some pure, personal (and possibly meth-fueled) rage in order to match chops with an effortlessly unhinged genius like Gary Busey.