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We received an email yesterday, a version of which we receive nearly every weekend. Asked a reader:

What's so funny about "The Funny Pages" in The New York Times Sunday Magazine anyway?

A comic strip about a desperately lonely, one-legged woman (printed in type so small no one in their demo can possibly read it). One story about a heart attack. Another story about an assault victim.

I don't get it.

We had no good answer, because we don't usually read The Funny Pages. (Why? Because we don't get it.) But we thought we should fulfill our duty to our inquiring readers, and so we read yesterday's. And we still don't get it. Or find it funny. And we wondered: Are we the only ones — us and the emailing reader, that is — who don't get it? Are we the only ones who don't find The Funny Pages funny? We figured we'd ask you.

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The Funny Pages [NYT Mag]