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Ad Age Media Guy Simon Dumenco is usually pissed off. (In recent weeks, we've called him "angry," "cranky," "sullen," "madder than usual," and having "his Calvins in a twist.") But today's column finds him uncharacteristically chipper. "Some things — even some things in the media world — make me happy," he writes. "Honest! So this week, a brief break from my recent rants, so that I can praise some Simple Media Pleasures." We have no doubt, of course, that there really are Simple Media Pleasures — he cites, Times podcasts, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine, and American Idol contestant Paris Bennett, who he hopes might rescue that now-sullied given name — that truly bring him joy. But we'll also note this: We happen to know that Brooklyn-based Dumenco's usually cohabitative boyfriend has been in Los Angeles lately for an acting gig. And we happen to know that last week Dumenco, too, went to L.A. for a visit.

And we imagine that could put even the crankiest Media Guy in a good mood.

Ahhh... The Simple Life Post-Microsoft and Paris Hilton [Ad Age]