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It's Valentine's Day Eve, a good moment to stop and take stock of just how lonely and pathetic one's life has become. Take some respite in knowing you are not without avenues of support why, your AOL love coach Star Jones herself is standing by nor are you alone: Paula Abdul, the American Idol judging panel's ray of benumbed sunshine, is also desperate for love. So much so, in fact, that she has turned to professional know-it-all Dr. Phil for help. In A Dr. Phil Primetime Special: Love Smart, Abdul confides between sobs that her love life is a mess, and the good doctor comes to the rescue with "10 hunky bachelors for Paula to choose from." Which makes this recent PrivacyWatch sighting of Abdul and the model she's been reportedly dating very publicly since September, Dante Spencer, rather curious:

Wednesday morning I stood behind Paula Abdul at Starbucks. I've never been a big fan but I have to say she looked stunning. She is teeny tiny but with killer curves. She was with some tall dude, whom I'm guessing is her boyfriend because he couldn't keep his hands off her butt. The one time he pinched her and she slapped him and hissed the name Dante. But she didn't look like she minded all that much. She gave a little girl her autograph.

It's difficult to reconcile this slapping, hissing, scone-purchasing Abdul with the lonelyheart waterworks of the Paula we've seen on the Dr. Phil promos; what's important, however, is that ultimately, Paula does find the love of her life, in the form of some network camera time free of her spotlight infringing Idol co-judges.