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If you're skeptical that there exists a entertainment industry strata below being the token himbo on a The View knockoff alongside a steroid-swelled cautionary tale and a man old enough to be your great-grandfather's crazy uncle, we invite you to grab a jackhammer alongside Mario Lopez and explore what lies beneath showbiz's rock-bottom:

SAVED BY THE BELL alum Mario Lopez is joining B&B in the contract role of Dr. Christian Ramirez, Hector’s younger brother. This is the first soap role for Lopez, who has done prime-time episodic work and was most recently a co-host on THE OTHER HALF, Dick Clark’s short-lived male answer to THE VIEW. Lopez first airs in mid-March.

We'd never begrudge a guy wanting to put food on the table, but when Lopez bravely—nay, defiantly—bounced on the end of that diving board in Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story nearly a decade ago, we truly believed his career trajectory would be more Mark-Paul Gosselaar than Mr. Belding.