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Once upon a time, before Mr. Fancypants director Ang Lee came in to screw things up with his gay green monster take on the Marvel legend, the words "The Incredible Hulk" struck fear and awe in the hearts of audiences (mostly boys, 9-12) everywhere. Now, the original Hulk, Mr. Lou Ferrigno, has been named an LA County reserve deputy sheriff:

Lou Ferrigno, the bodybuilding champ who played Dr. Banner's bigger half in the 1970s TV series, The Incredible Hulk, will be sworn in Monday night as a Los Angeles County reserve deputy sheriff.

As a member of law enforcement in good standing, Ferrigno will be issued a badge, a baton and a gun—a Beretta 92FS, per the sheriff's department Website.

The force Ferrigno is joining has been under tremendous strain of late in trying to quell deadly inmate riots. And so the question begs: Will the former Hulk draw duty in the tinder-hot prisons?

"No, he won't," Prang said, adding, "and we call them 'jails.'"

We couldn't help but scoff just a little when we read that Ferrigno was issued a gun, which, we presume, he'll crush into a steel ball and hurl with great force at an escaping assailant. And while the Hulk won't be brought in to quell the ongoing prison race riots ("You black. You latino. Hulk green. Hulk no see difference!"), we somehow feel safer all the same knowing he's on our mean streets.