Bruce Willis Loves His FTBSITTTD Tattoo

We'd love to stop writing about Fake Writer James Frey, but we don't have a choice (miss your beat and face the brank, as they say around Gawker HQ). And when remarkably-hunky- despite-the-balding actor Bruce Willis speaks out on Frey, we owe it to every last one of you to share the wealth. Of A Million Little Pieces, Willis opines:

That's a great book and so is the follow up book. And just because his publisher chose to say that these were memoirs, it took it out of being a work of fiction, a great work of fiction and very well written to this guy having to go be sucker punched on OPRAH by one of the most powerful women in television just to grind her own axe about it. 'Hey, Oprah. You had President Clinton on your show and if this prick didn't lie about a couple of things I'm going to set myself on fire right now.'

Now, we bet you're wondering, "Where does Justin Timberlake fit in all of this?" Yep, us too. After the jump, the Harold Bloom of Hollywood has got you covered.

James Frey is a writer, okay? He can write whatever he wants. It's fiction, and it's just hard, it's just shameful how he was treated in some of these things. It's just shameful and it's just not fair and not right, but Justin Timberlake had a really, really good response when he was asked about that because I think that he was asked to play James Frey in the making of that book and he waited and waited and listened to everyone and he said 'Have you heard of this magazine called In Touch' magazine or US Weekly or In Style or People or any of these magazines? They lie about people and they just make up shit all week long and you have to sue them to get it changed. This is the world that we live in. That's approved and people go 'that's okay' and people go, 'Ooooo, someone is boning this person over here. Someone did this over here.' And they're all lies and no one is yelling at them. So let's leave James Frey alone. How about it?' I'm pissed off today.

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