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Now, we don't ever take Life & Style as gospel, but their just-posted story that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splitting strikes us as a hell of a lot more likely than the usual celebrity weekly tripe. According to the latest issue, TomKat will keep up the charade through spring, living at Cruise's Beverly Hills compound until the baby is born, at which point they'll split. Cruise, always the gentleman, will buy Holmes a house nearby so that he can spend plenty of time with his little spawn and teach the baby all about Thetans and spaceshops. Or, of course, Katie could just have a miscarriage before the snow melts. That seems a bit more likely.

Sigh. And on Valentine's Day, too. The death of a sham marriage always breaks our heart.

UPDATE: Rival celeb glossy Star, naturally, says it's not true.

Life & Style