UPDATE: Derek Powazek is reportedly leaving Technorati too. The blog-search company's senior designer joined in 2004 and has since made the site all bubbly. Where's Powazek heading?

Jason DeFillippo is leaving Technorati as he planned, according to a close source. The Metroblogging co-founder (and Blogrolling inventor) is still listed as an engineer at the blogging search engine, though he announced his exit last month.

He's just one of several senior Technorati members leaving the once-hot startup. Even the receptionist is out. What caused the exodus? Were lines exchanged at the Flickr Turns 2 party? Something come to a head at Codecon? Or is everyone sick of waiting for a buyout?

Meanwhile, Niall Kennedy announced today that he's leaving too. The Technorati community manager will stay until March 1. The way Om puts it, Niall's looking for more work, but a whole crowd exiting seems to scream "new hot startup."

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