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· Skeletal Viacom executive presence Sumner Redstone's son Brent commits legal patricide, suing his old man to dissolve National Amusements, the family's holding company. After Redstone has the traitorous offspring quietly disposed of for his treachery, he then confronts a touchy choice between adopting Viacom CEO Tom Freston or CBS Corp's Les Moonves to replace him in the family. [Variety]
Bambi II (note: the straight-to-video Disney sequel, not the adult-oriented exploration of how many cable repairmen can pleasure a horny housewife at one time) moves 2.5 million DVDs and videos in its 1st week. [Variety]
Writer David Benioff will Americanize the Danish film Brothers for Columbia, a deal that NY Magazine's Intelligencer says will earn Benioff $2 million. Not a bad payday for doing a find-and-replace to convert all the Janniks to Jacks. [Variety]
Jeff Goldblum is in final negotiations to star in the NBC pilot Seeing Red as a suitably "eccentric, brilliant" cop who can talk to dead victors—think Ghost Whisperer, but, you know, with Goldblum instead of Jennifer Love Hewitt's psychic rack. [THR]
Variety speculates that a press conference for the new 007 flick could contain an announcement about who's playing the next Bond girl, whether it's rumored frontrunners Eva Green or Olivia Wylde, or a surprise choice like Die Another Day director Lee Tamahori. [Variety]