Is there anyone better to represent America than figure skater Johnny Weir? We think not. The man describes himself as "princessy," applies self-tanner before performances, compares the competition to a "shot-of-vodka-and-a-snort-of-coke kind of thing," and skates wearing a single red glove named "Camille." Hell, his home club is the Skating Club of New York, which is based out of Chelsea piers. As far as we're concerned, Weir's got enough fagulous pluses in his column to make him an honorary New Yorker.

Click above to watch the video (warning: it may take some time to load) of NBC's mini-profile of our new best friend, plus his performance last night — complete with Pop-Up Video interpretations courtesy of the Malcontent. Seriously, you can't help but love the crap out of Johnny Weir. Unless, of course, you're completely homophobic.

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