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In case you've lost track of time, we'd like to remind you that it's mid-February, and if you've not already started, you're officially behind on organizing your super-sweet, totally bitchin' Hamptons share. Realistically, however, unless you're tossing around some serious dough, whatever you and your brahs secure for summer will likely blow. If you're so lucky as to bring a nice set of tits home from the Star Room one night, she's certainly not going to stay long after she sees your outdoor plumbing.

Enter Yacht-Smart, the Zipcar of big-ass boats. For a mere $525 per month (plus, um, your $1000 initiation fee and $2500 for insurance) you can reserve time on any of their 27-foot boats — all of which make your Murray Hill playpen look weak. Trade in your striped shirt for some chinchilla, get behind the wheel, and you'll be such a slut-fetching P. Diddy, no one will even notice you're cruising out of Hoboken.

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