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America's Most Suspicious Couple used the opportunity of the Sydney memorial service for media baron Kerry Packer to reassure the world that Life & Style's infamous break-up story is nothing but malicious fallacies. After he dumped longtime publicist Pat Kingsley, Cruise spent last summer flailing through the amateur guidance of publisister LeAnne DeVette, but now, under the protective wing of flack Paul Bloch, the star seems to be regaining his footing on the tricky terrain of media manipulation. Note how in the first picture the combination of light physical contact and Holmes' cradling of her swollen belly indicates some level of physical intimacy, but the neutral position of Cruise's free arm seems to balk at claiming responsibility for the life growing in the nearby womb. In the second photo, the couple embraces with their typical unease, giving Holmes the opportunity to flash her engagement ring and remind us that a contract (whether romantic or otherwise) is still in place. In just two surprisingly efficient images, the partners return to the uncomfortable status quo that is the hallmark of their public relationship, free of the tyranny of break-up gossip. All in all, a situation very nicely played by our favorite, suspect young lovers.

[Photos: Channel Ten, Daily Telegraph]