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Some troubling news of Hotties corruption:

Mena Trott and Anil Dash considered heavy Photoshopping for Ben Trott's face-off with Jeff Weiner. "We'll make him have a big package," said Anil. "Like a tripod."
Craig Newmark is campaigning for his CEO Jim Buckmaster. Craigslisters have joined the fray.
That photo you see? Yet another Buckmaster pic. Apparently there's a big stack of sexy Jim photos sitting somewhere.
George Zachary got a new pic in, and friends of his friends are pushing for him on the Junto Boyz blog.

The international Hotties juding panel has been contacted, possible frauds are being investigated, and several contestants will be tested for 'roids. Do your part to fight corruption: vote for Hotties fairly. (Then vote again at work.)

Current face-offs: George Zachary vs. Jim Buckmaster and Jeff Weiner vs. Ben Trott.