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Oscar triple-threat George Clooney's nominations aren't just good for him, they're a boon to people trying to turn a quick buck by digging around in the dark corners of his career. A memorabilia collector seems to think the media attention Clooney's getting in the lead-up to the awards ceremony means that the actor's infamous Batgimp suit from the franchise-killing Batman & Robin could go for $100,000:

Joe Maddalena of the auction house Profiles in History says he plans to sell off Clooney's costume from the 1997 movie that some fans list as among the worst ever made in an auction on March 31 along with several other costumes from the film.

Maddalena said the latex body suit contains all sorts of extras — nipples, a cape and a cowl, gloves, bat ears and a utility belt.

But the auctioneer said that the costume would probably have sold for about $30,000 two or three years ago when Clooney was less of a star than he is now.

Anyone who's seen the movie is aware that the suit prominently featured a controversially perky set of Bat-nips, but calling them "extras" suggests that they were a removable item and the costume was equipped with spares. If so, we think the suit's selling price just went way up; Clooney should be willing to part with three times the estimated auction value just to reach closure with some psychically scarring episodes from his past, where the actor was forced to choose between the "chilly room" and "glass cutter" nipple-lengths for that day's shoot, then quietly endure the profoundly uncomfortable time it took for director Joel Schumacher to screw in the selected man-buttons.