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The Times reported yesterday on the completion of its 94th annual Neediest Cases Fund charity drive, which from November through the start of this month raised a bit more than $7 million. The paper was particularly impressed with the donation corralled by a group of three young investment bankers — or, judging from the accompanying photo, perhaps two young investment bankers and one extra from Growing Up Gotti — who presented the Fund with $236,000 raised from fellow analysts at Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and CIBC. Explained the Times:

The driving force behind the collection was a legion of first- and second-year analysts who, despite workweeks that sometimes surpass 80 hours, spread the word about the drive by asking more than 5,000 colleagues to make an investment in the city's poorest residents.

And now we feel bad. Because we make fun of investment bankers all the time without stopping to think about their amazing generosity. If 5,000 of them can band together to raise $236,000 — and that's an impressive amount, more than $47 per person — these people are saints among us.

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