Bad Ads: The Anti-Anti-Drug

The complete script of a new Partnership for a Drug-Free America ad we saw for the first time during The Simpsons last night:

Yesterday, my friends told me to smoke some weed. And I did.

Then today, they said I should try to outrun Tic Tic, the lumberyard dog. And I don't think I can make it.

I'm an idiot. I'm doing stupid stuff. And that ain't me.

When we saw that, we were indignant for a second. These people once created icons, like "This is your brain on drugs" and "I learned it from watching you, dad." Now they're doing "And if your friends jumped off the George Washington Bridge?" (Also, the kid gets away from the dog, which don't think is really the point they're going for.) It's sad, and ridiculous, and we were almost going to call someone or write something or, well, do, you know, something. Then we remembered we were far too baked to care, and so we ate some more ice cream instead.

Any questions?


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