Slate published its 2005 Slate 60, the leaderboard for "competitive philanthropy." As always, the list of the top charitable donations and pledges includes a good showing from the tech industry.

The tech moguls gave to a wide range of recipients this year. Bill Gates is curing children in Africa, and Larry Ellison is donating to the poverty-stricken people of Harvard University. Such a noble man, Larry. Here's a breakdown of the top tech donations:

RankDonorFundsWhere the money's fromWhere the money goes
2Bill and Melinda Gates$320 millionMicrosoftWorld health
8Pierre and Pam Omidyar$133.7 million (1337? Hellz yeah.)eBayAssorted social causes
10Larry Ellison$115 millionOracleHarvard University
12David and Cheryl Duffield$95 millionPeopleSoftPet rescue
24Paul Allen$49 millionMicrosoftSmithsonian, museums, brain science
42Charles Simonyi$28 millionMicrosoftSeattle art and science programs
45Andrew Grove$26 millionIntelCity College of New York

Missing: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs, Jerry Yang...guess "changing the world" only goes as far as Gmail, iPods, and webcast reality shows. (Okay, Larry and Sergey have the Google foundation. Did they not bother putting their own pennies in the collection basket?)

The 2005 Slate 60 [Slate]