Guy Kawasaki sparked a debate by writing "How to Suck Up to a Blogger." Is it ethical to pile schwag and compliments on bloggers? Who the hell cares, it's fun. But it'll take a more careful approach to really win over certain A-list bloggers:

BloggerSiteWho should suck upAnd how
Mike ArringtonTechCrunchWeb startupsLeak your IPO
Om MalikGigaomMore web startupsLeak your bankruptcy filing
Robert ScobleScobleizerUnpopular Microserfs"Robert, your conversations look good naked."
Gabe RiveraMemeorandumSoon-to-be-famous bloggersLink to the high-and-mighty bloggers
Kyle BunchBlogebrityNot-even-internet-famous bloggersGet Amanda Congdon's phone number
Ryan King and Eran GlobenSupr.c.ilio.usStowe BoydBuy the next round of beer
Cory DoctorowBoing BoingEveryone who's anyoneSend him whuffie