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I Want Media today fawns over Michael Wolff, and in so doing it reminds us of why we've always had a soft spot for ol' baldie:

IWM: New York magazine just ran a cover story on "The Blog" —

Wolff: I never read New York magazine. I never let people talk to me about New York magazine. It does not exist in my universe.

IWM: I'm guessing this is because you made a run at buying the magazine that didn't work out.

Wolff: Exactly. It no longer, as I say, exists in my world. It broke my heart. My family is banned from reading it or mentioning it.

IWM: Would you ever consider buying any other magazines?

Wolff: No.

IWM: How about Radar magazine, which is sort of —

Wolff: No.

Alternative universes are delightful.

Michael Wolff [I Want Media via Romenesko]