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With a new City Council session started, the council members have of course buckled down to take care of the people's business. And what exactly is our business? The Observer's plucky Politicker reports on some of the very important legislation that has been introduced:

Tony Avella wants to end "goat tying" and "horse-tripping."

He would also prohibit the resale of undergarments, which is "certainly repugnant to general standards of hygiene and responsibility."

James Genarro plans to add the birthdays of Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha to the no-alternate-side-parking list.

And while we agree with The Politicker's suggestion that most of these proposals seem a touch ridiculous — whether you choose to buy used undergarments strikes as your own choice — we must defend one of them. It's a fucking bitch to find a parking spot on Lord Krishna's birthday.

Yes to Buddha, No to Goat-Tying [The Politicker/NYO]