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To recap: Late in the day last Tuesday, Life & Style announced the imminent breakup of TomKat. Later that afternoon, Star rushed out a report calling bullshit on Life & Style. The next morning — a week ago today — Us Weekly further dismissed Life & Style's breakup claim by not even deigning to address it. It seemed almost like an alliance between Star and Us Weekly against Life & Style. Until Star put out a story later last Wednesday directly contradicting Us Weekly. And there, eyeball to eyeball and with fingers on triggers, it seemed d tente was reached; there's been no inter-weekly skirmishing since, and peace has reigned in celebmagland.

Until today, when Life & Style's new issue defiantly sticks with its TomKat breakup claim, thereby threatening the magopolitical stability we've come to enjoy over these last six days. How will things now play out? Will there be counterattacks and shifting alliances? We have no idea, but we think this is how World War I started.

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