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Even if Brokeback Mountain somehow lets the Best Picture Oscar slip through its rope-calloused-yet-tender fingers, few could deny it has already established itself as movie of the year. While other features reeked of desperately wanting to be talked about Munich and Crash come to mind Brokeback's only agenda appeared to be a desire to tell the sad, quiet story at its core. As a result, it managed to capture our hearts in the process, none more so than the enthusiastic collector who won the shirts auction for just north of 100 grand, likening them to "the ruby slippers of our time.

Of course, any movie unofficially referred to as "the gay cowboy movie" was bound to cause some controversy, though thanks to our helpful readers, much of that has already been sorted out. We therefore would like to take a moment to clarify some of the more popular misconceptions regarding the most acclaimed film of the year, Return to Gay Mountain:

The first misconception directly addresses Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist's purported homosexuality. A reader experienced in such matters shares the following elucidated missive:


Will you please get it right,
Brokeback is NOT GAY,
I know, I been there, done em, and
I can tell you FOR SURE they are NOT GAY.
We all do or have things done at a time and place,
this is what this movie is about,
so grow up and GET IT RIGHT!!!!

Anonymity IS OK, USE MY NAME:
(name redacted)

We stand corrected, and grown up.

Another common misconception involves the term "cowboy" in describing the profession of the movie's gay bisexual lovers. noticed this emphatic clarification in bold, black marquee letters on the sign outside a Studio City western wear store:

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Some might argue that since Ennis mentions tending steer and we see Jack riding bulls over the course of the movie, the two can safely be termed "cowboys." However, should you find yourself in steer country and the subject of Brokeback comes up, may we humbly suggest using the more specific "gay sheep rancher" appellation? For a career cowboy who's spent much of his time in the company of men, the concept of two fellas polishin' beltbuckles is a whole lot easier to swallow than a couple of sheep herders trying to pass for cow punchers a mistake like that's liable to get you hog-tied with piggin'-string and a mouthful a' mountain oysters.