"Esthr" Dyson's war on vowels expands past the pre-"r" "e". This time the victims are "accidnts" and "a warm welcm." Flickr is in pain, Esther. Make the hurting stop. [Flickr 1, Flickr 2]
"No two-tiered Internet," said Google. Unless, of course, it's Google's two-tiered Internet. Google and Earthlink partner up to offer free wi-fi with a faster pay version. [Newsvine]
Google loses an Image Search case to a porn company — for competing with the company's mobile business. Yes, some overworked schlubs are buying thumbnailed porn on mobile phones. A service that only the Valley could appreciate. [Financial Times]
Rambus gets sued again: The Los Altos chip patenter's business plan is thus: 1. Go to standards meetings. 2. Quietly patent everyone's standards. 3. Sue everyone who uses them. Then, Rambus investors form flame wars around any discussion of their dirty dealings. Finally, their lawyers have something else to do: Micron's suing them for all of the above. [Techdirt]
Now that Measuremap got bought, it's time for TechCrunch to promote another startup: Blogbeat. "Now with more cowbell," says the Web 2.0 company about its latest revision. Cute. That should attract the Yahoo acquisition team just fine. [TechCrunch]