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While some would be content to relegate Britney Spears to the dustbin of forgotten pop-tart history, as you can plainly see from these images made available by blogger mykeywood, Spears has managed to pull herself together nicely for her guest star turn as a Christian TV personality on an upcoming Will & Grace. (1) Britney makes sure her very real wedding ring is visible in every take in order to offset tabloid rumors. (2) The costume department comes to the rescue of a forgetful Spears with a cleverly fashioned scarf upon which all of her dialogue was printed, somewhat annoying co-stars Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack. (3) Between takes, Britney had the exhausted studio audience on their feet with her sexed-up version of "I'm a Little Teapot." (4) Sadly, an increasingly diva-like Debra Messing refused to share even a minute of screen time with her sexy blonde co-star, so cutting-edge blue screen technology was employed, allowing Grace to be added in post.