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• Winona Ryder was in on the JT Leroy hoax and even concocted a detailed story about how she met Leroy for Vanity Fair's profile of him in 2003. Bitch! You are now officially a Fake Actress, Winona, and we don't care how pixie-cute you are. [Page Six]
• The battle of words and egos between Donald Trump and Martha Stewart continues; now Martha's daughter Alexis is getting involved. The two talked ill of the Donald's derriere and its relation to his silver spoon. [R&M]
• Morrissey the terrorist? Think about it. He's got the perfect cover, but those eyes are dark. Too dark. [Contact Music]
• Some cracknut named Larry Garrison claims to "own" the Natalee Holloway story, but he also claims to be "a journalist, actor, producer, motivational speaker and White House media consultant." So, you know. [Lowdown]