The Media Is One Big Ivy Reunion, Cont'd: Yale Edition

How fitting that Zachary Seward — the bright young thing who scooped everyone on former Harvard president Larry Summers' recent expatriation and scored a Wall Street Journal byline in the process — told New York reporter Ben Mathis-Lilley in today's issue that the media was really just "a big ivy league reunion." To wit, a young sapling fresh from Yale has taken Seward's insight to heart by using a classic "hey, we went to the same school" pitch on Rush & Molloy reporter and fellow Yalie Chris Rovzar. Now bow before the altar of sycophantic name-dropping and misplaced self-promotion, for we have found your king:

From: [Silly Yale Kid]
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 9:29 AM
To: Christopher Rovzar
Subject: fiction from yale

hi Chris,

you don't know me. i'm yale class of 05, morse.

when i was an undergrad, Hud Morgan wrote a piece in the NYDN about a panel of young writers i was on. it was at p.s. 122.

Well, then — if Hud was on this guy, he's no doubt a gem. More after the jump.

i also wrote a story for Hustler about yale naked parties.

and i have a short story coming out in New York Tyrant, a new literary magazine which is being funded by a reclusive, anonymous multimillionaire.

anyway. here's the thing. in a bizarre coincidence, my roommate (an also-22 year old writer named [xxx] - we live in a fucked apartment on wall street) and i both sold our first books on the same day last week to different presses. My novel [blah], which partly takes place at Yale, is coming out from Impetus Press this winter, and his story collection [double blah] is coming out next year from Melville House.

how about mentioning this in the column?

[Silly Yale Kid]

Never before have we been more proud of our Ivy-free educations.


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