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The mysterious maple-syrup has, as we all know, been visiting the city occasionally since at least October. We've reported on several major outbreaks, plus there have been more than a few isolated occurrences we've opted not to alert you to, because, unlike Tom Ridge, we prefer not to scare you with a heightened aroma-alert level unless we foresee a potentially serious development. Now, though, we must bring you some new and perhaps worrisome olfactory news, sent in late last night by a reader:

Was walking home around 2am and got to my block — 30th and 8th. The entire block smelled like buttered popcorn. Even all the way up to 9th Ave, and around the corner. Just thought I'd share.

Could there maybe have been a big, late-night popcorn accident at that enormous Loews Theater on 34th between Eighth and Ninth? (And could that smell have then jumped three blocks, including the post office, the train tracks, and that Lincoln Tunnel entrance?) Because we'd hate to think the city is being bombarded with yet another gratuitous pleasant smell. One was more than enough.

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