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Deep down, we all just want to be loved. Everyone. Even a bigshot New York Times writer with a weekly column and an Academy Awards blog and amusing new video clips and the freedom, it seems, to write about nearly whatever he wants, whenever he wants, from wherever he wants, for the world's leading newspaper — Mr. Run Amok, but in a good way — just wants to be loved.

So we're sure it brings David Carr no small about of pleasure and self-worth to know that the 20-year-old college kids in Patrick Phillips' NYU class — drumroll, please — approve of him!

Mr. Carr's attitude towards blogging was (surprise, surprise) much like my own. He reads blogs, his blog is "voice-driven" (unlike the sterile, "professional" blog that I was expecting), and he loves writing 400-word discourses just because he can. Plus, the guy's got a sense of humor that's much more sardonic than mine, even at my most antagonistic. Imagine my shock when he mentioned that he gets his music news from Pitchfork.

He's more than willing to embrace and adapt to this new technology. Dare I say that he's even better at blogging than most of us?

Better at blogging than NYU kids? Impressive work, David. You just might make it in this town after all.

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