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Nick Douglas reports from Apple's campus in Cupertino:

I'm going in crowded. everyone says they're from sf


Nick's live updates, with images, after the jump.

Nick Continues:

10:04 PST: u2 playing, I think for all its hipness, the aple event mix is a bit outdated. now we're silencing phones... wow, wifi's up, wtf the crowd is so...white!

Right, Nick here. They left the wifi up, thank the geek gods.

10:08 Steve's on stage. He's amazingly low-key. Just like a living room chat. Just kinda talkin' about the Intel changeovers. Blah blah. Maybe he's under the weather. But he's cool, casual.

10:10 Mac Mini Intel comes out today. Gigabit ethernet, Firewire and 2 more USB 2.0 ports...

10:11 They're adding Front Row to the Mini.

10:14 Steve tries to shuffle songs. Oh no! No one loaded media onto the Mini! Steve recovers. Makes a couple jokes about the schmuck who didn't load the music. But hey, he can pick up Phil's music through wifi.

10:17 We're watching a slideshow. Again Steve makes fun of "Phil," who didn't load the Mini, but no prob, he can catch the shared photos. Okay, Steve, we get it. UNLEASH THE PRODUCT.

10:18 Okay, Desperate Housewives is cool, we can keep watching that, Steve.

10:19 wow, steve's streaming from phil's macbook. this is a new front row feature called bonjour. accidentally shared home videos become that much scarier.

10:20: he's talking up ilife 06 now. nothing new, a recap of the macworld keynote. his shirt's baggy today

10:22 minis are 699, 799. bundled w remote.

10:25 news clip abt "the kid who bought the billionth song." the michigan white boy. xeni jardin in the clip. (like madonna meets aliens)

it's an abc clip. billion songs sold, yay.

10:29 New products! whoa. it's gonna be a boombox. he's talking up what people want from a home stereo.

10:31 BOOMBOX: integrated power supply. six d-size batteries. 2 80mm wide-range drivers. in sealed acoustic suspension. bass system: 130mm dual voice coil woofer. ported bass reflex design. "and it doesn't distort when you crank it up". universal dock connector. integrated handles

10:35 sealed resin enclosure that doesn't vibrate "software updates going out?" someone tells steve: "already out." "great! even better." apparently he didn't keep tabs on that. apple remote for the hifi. he's still casual about this

10:36 BOOMBOX: $349, on sale today. *goes on sale. they set up the hifi in some rooms for the press to visit. "iPod Hi-Fi. Home stereo. Reinvented." says the screen. "i'm an audiophile" he says "i'm actually getting rid of my stereo." o rly, steve?

10:38: BOOMBOX: "What have we talked about today? Some really cool products."Wow, wrap-up already, eh. he rehashes the mac mini. front row with bonjour. update goes out later this week "we think this is a pretty big deal for moving media throughout the house." new ipod cases "simple, but i think they're gonna be a great product."

10:40: "and of course, the new ipod hi-fi." now he's letting us go up to these rooms with hi-fis. i'll head up. applause, lights up, heading out

After Nick heads up to check out the iPod Hi-Fi boombox:

ok, this stereo sounds amazing. wow. they're playing that ubiquitous gorillaz song "feel good inc" playing some acoustic guitar on the hi-fi...this is golden

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Then our intrepid blogger misses his moment of greatness:

Nick: omg I'm 4 feet from steve jobs.
Nick: hands shaking.
Nick: MIGHT get to meet him
Nick: ?
Joel: DO IT
Nick: wha?
Nick: hahahaha
Nick: hush

Back to your regular posting from Nick:

"I don't think you'd want to store music on a tv" he tells someone
"I don't think the pc ever leaves the equation"