Sia Michel Out, Andy Pemberton In at 'Spin'

Karma certainly seems to be working in favor of Andy Pemberton. The former Blender editor, who launched the music title for Dennis only to be unceremoniously canned a few years later, has just been named the new editor-in-chief of Spin, which is finalizing its sale today (no, for real this time) to San Francisco's McEvoy Group and Hartle Media. The two groups are co-owning the publication through the newly formed Spin Media LLC and are said to have acquired the title from Miller Publishing for as little as $5 million — approximately the cost of maintaining former editor-in-chief Sia Michel's luscious locks, which (along with former publisher Jake Hill) are now unemployed.

So what can we expect from Pemberton's Spin?

Pemberton said the magazine will focus on a "younger demographic" obviously hoping for a repeat of the performance when he first launched Blender.

"I think the world could use a younger version of Rolling Stone," Pemberton told The Post yesterday, taking a poke at the magazine now headed by 60-year-old Jann Wenner.

Oh, snap. But if that "younger version" means even more Spin covers featuring boys in eyeliner, we'll take Rolling Stone. Please don't force us to make that choice.


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