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The above photo of Lindsay Lohan at last night's General Motors celebrity fashion show (yes, really) will likely spread on the internets faster than a love bug on VD Night at Mood, so prepare your inboxes for a barrage of links promising a glimpse of the starlet's goodies. But after the Pavlovian drooling response induced by a famous nipple escaping its couture jail subsides, let's all ask ourselves a question: "Now why would a nice girl like Lindsay allow herself to be photographed from an angle likely to result in a too-revealing view of her breast?" The more charitable among us might decide that the chaos caused by the flashbulb firing squad made Lohan forget how loose her garment was on the right side. The rest of us, however, might be inclined to think that she decided that it was finally time to show the world that she's gotten her "curves" back. We'll leave it to you to decide how surgically adept her "dietician" and "trainer" might be.

Oh, and by the way: If you click on the picture, you can totally see some nipple (NSFW, obvs). Yay!