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We were getting a touch concerned for Nick Lachey first he's reduced to asking Jessica Simpson for spousal support, then we watched him stand on the sidelines as little brother Drew cha-cha'd his way into America's hearts. But Page Six reports that Drew's career is right back on track, with an exciting new TV project geared directly to the flabby insomniac demo:

DON'T feel too bad for Jessica Simpson's soon to be ex, Nick Lachey . The former boybander just scored a cool $500,000 for agreeing to be in an infomercial. According to Us Weekly, Lachey "pumps it up" with Brooke Burke in new ads for celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson's "Core Secret" DVDs. And because he signed the deal after his separation from Simpson, he doesn't have to give her a dime.

It must feel puh-retty nice to be able to give your ex- a call, and, after jumping through the requisite assistant hoops and actually getting her on the phone for a minute or two of niceties, casually dropping into the conversation, "Sorry, babe, Gunnar needs me on the set we're shooting the lower body fitness ball sequence now. Catch ya later!"