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As Tom Ford-zhuzhing dreammuffin Jake Gyllenhaal readies himself for Oscar night, the AP managed to actually do what millions of gay men could only fantasize about corner the actor and grill him about his workout routines:

"(Brokeback director Ang Lee) put a set of weights outside my trailer because he wanted me to kind of bulk up for that part. I tried my best but I didn't do it as well as maybe he wanted. But then for Jarhead, it was sort of mandatory. So I spent those three months reading, and I started working out like really heavily."

We have to hand it to Lee the man is not shy in getting what he wants. And even though his very unsubtly motivated "gift" didn't produce the desired Jake beefcake effects, the director's angry, tearful admission to his actor that he had left a note under the 30-lb dumbbells which went unread ("JAKE HOPE THESE HELP YOUR PYTHONS GROW!") did end up providing the inspiration for Michelle Williams' climactic Brokeback fishing tackle box confrontation scene.