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Former Paypal CEO Peter Thiel recently joined the board of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a transhumanist org seeking to "help ensure a safe Singularity" by ushering in an age of self-aware computers. But he's not the only Valley exec investing in weird dreams of a super-intelligent race. Here are the top three:

The mogulThe futurism venueThe dream
Peter Thiel, former Paypal CEOSingularity Institute for Artificial IntelligenceRobot-boy Haley Joel Osment brings peace and welfare to mankind
Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founderSearch for Extra-Terrestrial IntelligenceAliens contacted, befriended, acquired in hostile stock takeover
Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems co-founder"Why the future doesn't need us" (Wired article)If we're lucky, humanity will survive