SF Mayor May Soon Regret Dating ActressWe're really not much for the political tongue-wagging, especially involving NorCal politics, but someone forwarded us this story about San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom's jaunt to LA with current fling Sofia Milos of CSI: Miami, which included a trip to hang with everyone's favorite Scientology-sponsored, anti-psychiatry attack-dog group:

Things must have clicked, because this past weekend Newsom — who is in the midst of a divorce with his TV-commentating wife Kimberly Guilfoyle — jetted off to spend a couple of days in La-La Land with Milos.

The mayor checked into the Chateau Marmont, the show-biz hotel just north of the Sunset Strip that is perhaps best known as the spot where comedian John Belushi overdosed on cocaine and heroin.

On Newsom's agenda: a little visit with his new actress friend, then off with her to the Beverly Hilton to attend the annual dinner of the Citizens Commission for Human Rights.

It all sounded innocuous enough, until someone found out that the Citizens Commission for Human Rights had been co-founded by the Church of Scientology to expose ethical violations by psychiatrists and to raise questions about the use of psychiatric medicines.

It's really hard to fault Newsom, even if he's mayor of a fancy city and should probably watch what nutty advocacy groups he rubs elbow with; pretty much every guy in this town could go on for hours about all the stupid things they did just to fuck an actress.

[Photo: Luke Thomas]