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"Irreconcilable differences" was once the hot legalspeak catchphrase among divorcing celebrities, but a new, somewhat more inflamatory buzzword is making the rounds: "fraud." First coming to prominence in Renee Zellweger's quickie marriage annulment from country singer Kenny "Gay?" Chesney, it rears its ugly head once again in the heartbreaking dissolution of yet another inconsequential celebrity union
that of Chad Michael Murray to Sophia Bush.

Actress SOPHIA BUSH cited "fraud" in a petition to annul her marriage to "One Tree Hill" co-star CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY, People magazine reports. The couple, who were married for five months, separated last September. [...]

The couple married on April 16, 2005 at a lavish, seaside, private ceremony in Santa Monica, CA. Chad proposed in Australia, where he was working on 'House of Wax.'

At that time, the actor told ET: "I got down on one knee," he admits. "You have to." ... He made quite the romantic gesture with close to two dozen bouquets of roses, a gazillion candles and a message spelled out in lights.

"We don't view it as a Hollywood relationship," Chad said. "You get married because you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. We are both from good backgrounds. We are there to work through everything."

It may not have been a Hollywood relationship, but it certainly smells like one. Sadly, once a hot young TV star realizes he's trapped in a legally binding contract to sleep with one chick for the rest of his life, there's really not much he can do before the four-month itch settles in. Pretty soon, it ends just as it began, with someone coming home to the surprise of a creatively fashioned, oversized message
only this one's in lipstick, on a bathroom mirror, and it reads something in the tune of, "HOPE SHE WAS WORTH IT, ASSHOLE."