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Mega-blogger Guy Kawasaki lays out the Bozofication Aptitude Test that the the Valley's begging for. Browse the ex-Apple-marketer's test and take a point each for anything true about your company. Items include:

4. Your CEO's admin has an admin.

And this Google-killer:

7. Time is now considered more important than money so you have a company cafeteria, health club, and pet grooming service. Moreover, the first thing that employees show visitors is the company cafeteria, health club, and pet grooming service.

Ouch, Google won't come out of this intact:

27. Your CEO gets invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos where he gives advice to the presidents of Eastern European countries.

Blogger Robert Scoble scores Microsoft at 11 on this 35-point test. I need a little help here — give your company's score in the comments. Anyone at Google, Yahoo, Apple, Oracle, or anyone else we're obsessed with here, feel free to e-mail in your score.

GBAT: Score High and Cry [Guy Kawasaki]