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For the moment we'll ignore the Village Voice's repugnance in attempting to remove all traces of Nick Sylvester's at least partially fabricated cover story from its website. (Whether you like it or not, guys, you published the flawed work, and it's part of the historical record, and while of course you should attach an explanatory and corrective note, it's deeply disgusting to watch a newspaper — a newspaper! — try to throw inconvenient facts down the memory hole.) Instead we're treating it as a cat-and-mouse game.

So, now that the paper has removed from its site the vestigial version of the story we pointed you to late yesterday, we'll instead direct you to Google cached version. Good luck "disappearing" that one.

(Also: Yes, yes, we know about that essentially useless Editor's Note. More on that TK later.)

'Do You Wanna Kiss Me?' [VV via Google]