Multi-Millionaire Joe Rogan Vs. The 20-Year-Old MySpace Hater

The Best Week Ever Blog reprints an exchange between Fear Factor host (or, according to some reports, ex-host) Joe Rogan and a MySpace "hater," whom when he e-mailed Rogan to offer constructive criticism about his comedic ability ("Joe Rogan, I hate you... you're not funny... "), probably didn't expect the prolonged flame-war that ensued. The back-and-forth gets a little repetitive, with Rogan perhaps falling back on the rhetorical A-bomb about the size of his bank account too much (though if we've learned anything from living in Hollywood, it's that one's personal worth is directly proportional to one's net worth), but here's a sample from the middle that will give you the gist:

————————- Original Message ————————- From: Kevin Date: Mar 2, 2006 9:01 AM

hahah, Joe Rogan... This is the funniest form I have ever seen you in. You're only accomplishment, in my memory, is taking a highly successful show (The Man Show) and running it into the ground merely by your presence alone. I also don't think playing second-fiddle to Brooke Shields is much of an accomplishment.

————————- Original Message ————————-
From: Joe Rogan
Date: Mar 2, 2006 9:09 AM

I was never on a show with Brooke Shields. I was however on 2 shows that made it to syndication, fear factor and newsradio, which means I never have to worry about money for the rest of my life. Think about that when you're getting told what to do by your boss and struggling to pay your bills. I agree that the man show sucked, but unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it at the time. I did however, make a fuck load of money from it, and had the time of my life. You're an ugly, fat faced zero, and I'm a famous multi millionaire. Those are the facts there, dear sweet kevin :)

As far as heated back-and-forths go, it doesn't even warrant a mention in the same conversation as Mark Brazill vs. Judd Apatow (they never even attempt to give each other cancer), but it'll certainly make a few minutes of your afternoon disappear down a productivity hole.