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A secret source at the OpSource Software as a Service Summit reports on a tiff between the skin peelers and software dealers. Straight from Napa, and drunk enough for Gawker Media, is our guest contributor.

The Software as a Service Summit is wrapping up right now in Napa. While the C-levels spend their day heavily debating whether to play golf or go wine tasting, the rest of the resort is hiding from the crazy tech people.

Downstairs, a dermatology company spent much of its time chasing marketing executives and services company CEO's away from their table of danishes. Something about being a dermatologist made these folks extra cranky. It just goes to show that members of the tech industry are still goofy and ill-adjusted socially.

I bet that the dermatologists were just pissed that they didn't get any cool schwag from the marketing machine, which was out in force, as usual.

Incidentally, the Salesforce people fully admitted to their being psychotically overactive in marketing and PR, something that the press folks all smiled and nodded at while digesting the 20-odd meals Salesforces crams down their gullets each month.