Heavy stuff from Private Equity Week Wire, where writer Dan Primack carries a blind item (not on the site yet) about a Valley VC head accused of beating his wife:

The head of a brand-name Silicon Valley VC firm last month was arrested at his office, handcuffed and marched out past his colleagues. He then was arraigned on three misdemeanor charges of domestic assault against his (soon to be ex-) wife, pled not guilty to each count, posted $35,000 bail, received a restraining order and was told to be back in court next week.

The business-analyst-turned-gossipmonger spends five paragraphs telling readers why he won't reveal the name. (No prob, Dan. You knew that feeding this chum to the sharks would send everyone guessing names — whether or not this disturbing story is real.)

Updated link: Private Equity Week [Thomson]