And the Nominees for Best New York Oscars Party Are...

For years now, Entertainment Weekly has been throwing New York's big fancy Oscar-night party for big fancy Oscar-night people. It's at Elaine's, of course, and it attracts old-Hollywood types who aren't old-Hollywood enough actually be in Hollywood. (Last year, at its 11th annual shindig, the mag boasted of attendees Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli, and Tony Danza.)
But now the newly upstart New York magazine, as part of what seems to be editor Adam Moss's plan to colonize as much of the celebrimedia world as possible, is throwing a rival party.

It's at a hipper venue — the Spotted Pig — and, argues New York's aggressively excited PR team, it's got the hip New York celebs. A partial list of what they insist are confirmed guests, enthusiastically emailed to us this afternoon by New York's enthusiastic flacks: Julia Stiles, Liev Schreiber, Andy Borowitz, Malcolm Gladwell, Hank Azaria, Charlie Rose, Oliver Platt, Dan Abrams, Mandy Moore, Moby, Gideon Yago, Bill Weld, Jamie Johnson, Jeff Greenfield, Michael Cerveris, Anthony Weiner, Ray Kelly, Jonathan Ames.

It's an impressive list, sure. But mostly we're waiting for the part when they all head uptown and pelt Elaine's with water balloons. That'll show EW who's the cool kids now.


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