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Strapped for an Oscar date with the ceremony less than two days away? Craigslist, provider of creative solutions to virtually any kind of Hollywood problem, is more than happy to play matchmaker. Why pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to hire an escort—who'll probably just drug you and steal your wallet while you muse aloud about saving him/her from "the life"—when companionship like this is only a click away?

HEY, PLEASE BE MY OSCARS DATE.... Me and my friend have tickets to the Annual OSCAR Awards and we are looking for a couple of girls. However, we are both posting seperately and will hook up at the show.

Both of us are looking for a couple of cuties that loves to have a good time up for seeing Terrance Howard and Brokeback Mountain clean house winning all the awards. I just want to have a great time on I have great seats, so we can see everything. My tickets are right behind the celebs.

I hope that you are hot. Single White/Mexican/Jewish/Irish/Italian/Persian/Iranian/Greek girls ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craigslist is known for men to pose as women, so I WILL NOT COMMUNICATE MORE THAN 2 TIMES VIA EMAIL TILL WE TALK ON THE PHONE. Party on!

THE ACADEMY AWARDS ARE MARCH 5, 2006. I want to meet you before so we can get to know each other.

If this Prince Only Whites Need Apply Charming isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other options—some of whom we're sure won't even require that you be comfortable while mummified in a clear plastic bag. Good luck, swingin' Oscar singles!