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Another corporate event report from another unfortunate attendee; this poor writer's pain is our glee. Here's the scoop from a Sony fest from San Fran's Beat neighborhood.

Sony Online Entertainment held an event at Broadway Studios in North Beach. The party was ostensibly held for the purpose of informing game editors of SOE's offerings in a setting not beset by scantily clad booth babes and shouting Xbox barkers. But in reality, the event was held within earshot of all the best strip clubs in SF, and the editors themselves were the Xbox nerds.

Sony showed off Gods and Heroes, it's newly acquired boring ass grind.... I mean... newly acquired MMORPG. They also showed a demo of the PS3 Untold Legends action RPG, which looked like shit and boring as hell.

In general, the event came off as the last desperate gasp for attention from a company that's been single-handedly made into a niche player by World of Warcraft. Too bad all these damn MMO's are the same cursed thing over and fucking over again! It's enough to make you long for the days of square colored blocks bouncing smaller colored blocks back and forth for points.