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Nerd fight! Last week, San Fran's CBS 5 filmed the "Gentlemen's Fight Club" being held in the Valley. At this garage beatup meetup, software engineers smack each other with Hello Kitty toilet seats, cookie sheets, and rolled-up Oprah magazines. Any following commentary is blown away by the actual videos of these Ultimate Fighting Championship rejects, so go watch 'em.

The cute thing is CBS's effort to look concerned — bringing in an orthopedic surgeon to remind everyone how unhealthy this is. Because after the news video is a gleefully posted string of eight "extended raw videos" of fights with various weapons. Valleywag's favorite: More Bathroom Implements, a geek Battle Royale with mops, toilet seats, and the least-trained fighters imaginable.

CBS hides the club's location. That's just cruel — can someone ID this place, so I can go get exchange broomstick slaps with an angry young Oracle developer?

Inside The Gentlemen's Fight Club [CBS 5]