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The jury appears to still be out on Jon Stewart's Oscar host performance last night, with some feeling he juggled all the necessary elements to make for a decent, if safe, showing, and others feeling that, well, he sucked the big one. Regardless on where you stood, it was hard to deny that there was an underlying lack of fundamental Stewart love in the room last night. Take for instance the above reaction shot to one of his less-inspired comedic riffs: After mentioning that this year heralds a "return to glamour," Stewart notes that it's a huge improvement over last year's theme, "Night of a Thousand Sweatpants." (In his writing staff's defense, the quip does manage to completely avoid the subject of Dick Cheney, hunting, or shooting people in the face). We dissect the celebrity reaction, above, in decreasing order of fake enjoyment: 1. Charlize Theron: Lips pursed, jaw clenched, eyes angry. From a distance, could be confused with an actual smile. Close up, she appears to be fantasizing about what drain-opening solvents would cause the most internal damage to host Stewart. 2. Matt Dillon: Not a smile, but not entirely unamused. Oblivious, more than anything: Off in some far away place known only as "Oscar Winner, Matt Dillon Land." 3. Ludacris. Thoroughly unamused and doesn't care who knows it. Actively frowning. Thinking to self how Stewart's sweatpants jokes wouldn't even cut it at the Vibe Awards.