The best stuff on Google Video are the low-quality homemade videos with no production budget. For instance, Google's in-house lecture videos. Here's one of long-time Valley marketer Seth Godin (author of The Purple Cow and minor character of dot-com memoir Burn Rate) explaining to Google that all marketers are liars.

Forget the meaningful message about the revolution against the TV-Industrial Complex; watch this thing for Seth's slides. His Powerpoint Fu is better than Larry Lessig's, man. And, by the way, he sold his dot-com to Yahoo in '98.

UPDATE: Having some refresh problems right now that interrupt the player. You can watch the video uninterrupted on this page.

Google has the juice...that Minute missing. No, seriously, that's all that metaphor's riding on. Maybe Seth has a minimum slide limit.
"People want to touch the hem of your coat" when you say you work at Google. Nice casual Jesus comparison.
At some point, you wonder why those two projection screens are so close together. Maybe Larry and Sergey are in the back with stereogram glasses.
Seth Godin hates cats. Just a good thing to know, in case, I don't know, if you try to sit one on his head or something.
So about a third of the way in, Seth has compared Google to Fancy Feast catfood and X-ray glasses. This is beyond commentary; let's just watch the rest quietly.
Except for that "Flipping the Funnel" thing. Kinda weak, eh? But stick around for the purple cow.

"All Marketers are Liars" - Seth Godin speaks at Google [Google Video]