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Ah, this is why you shouldn't run tech from Hollywood. A friend of Valleywag was browsing Rolling Stone's Scientology article (to ogle at Tom Cruise and maybe catch a peek of Beck, natch) when he stumbled on this:

Scientologists run a number of boarding schools around the country, including the prestigious Delphian School, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, which counts Earthlink founder Sky Dayton among its graduates.

And, our reader gleefully points out, Sky has an incriminating L. Ron Hubbard quote on his Earthlink homepage. Looks like he's still in the church. Meanwhile, San Fran is looking to his ISP for its wifi blanket. Says the source, "Wonder if Gavin Newsom has met the guy through his new Thetan girlfriend?"

This is run-of-the-mill in Sky's home down in L.A. But you just don't find that in the Valley. At, say, Google, a Scientology habit wouldn't fly — it would conflict with the daily Est sessions.

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